DoDo CLININC Premium Placenta Serum

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3W CLININC ( DoDo Clinic ) Premium Placenta Serum repairs the damaged skin cells and deeply moisturizes dry skin without leaving any product residues.

Benefits :

*With its main ingredient of hyaluronic acid collaborating with placenta, prevents wrinkles as it gives good skin moisture effects and keep it moisturized for all day.
*Prunus mume liquid, jojoba oil and other pure botanical ingredients give skin sufficient nutritions that makes skin naturally glow.                                                                                        *The slightly thicken essence gives a fresh feeling on the skin, and if you are not dry skin type, you can wear this alone without lotion nor cream.


Key Ingredients :

Placenta, Hyaluronic acid, prunus mume liquid, jojoba oil


Size : 1.7oz


How to Use :

As a part of your daily skincare routine, after cleansing - toner, apply this essence serum ( pea size ) right before the emulsion.