B&SOAP Coloring Wash off Mask Packs Treatment

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Say goodbye to the days of attaching and removing masks. Instead, say Hello! to the paint mask that can be applied to specific regions to solve specific skin problems! This mask comes in 5 different colors to use on different regions to solve various skin concerns - for fun and effective skincare! Forehead, nose, cheek, eye and chin areas, just apply and wash it off, you will see your skin glowing!

White - Moisturizing*

Yellow - Nourishing*

Green - Soothing*

Red - Revitalizing*

Black - Pore Care



Active Ingredients: Rose Hip Oil, Aloe Vera Extract, Propolis

Comes with everything you need! 5 colors + Brush + Palette

Size : 25g X 5

How to Use :

1. Select the color(s) that caters to your skin concerns

2. Squeeze each color separately onto the palette

3. Start by applying the lightest color over the required region

4. Wash off with warm water after 10 minutes