Best Anti Aging Sheet Mask Collection : Wrinkle Care 7pcs

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  • Because we know how you are interested in anti-aging face care, we have created just the right Anti-Aging Face Sheet Mask Collections for you.
  • This is the part of the  anti-aging collection, and along with other anti aging efforts, it's main concentration is on wrinkle care. Targeting those unwanted fine lines around delicate areas of your face.

All 7 pcs are know to have its own special ingredients targeting wrinkle, wrinkle, and wrinkle. This collection is designed for 2 weeks of use, which you can use 1 every other day. After 2 weeks, we are so sure that you will fall in love with your face all over again! 

The set is a great value and you can immediately see the result right after 1 use. They are all so good. 

1. AHA- Phyto Complex Mask - Enriched in specially formulated Hydrolysed Collagen for wrinkle care.

2. Dr. Jart- Return to Sweet 16 - Enriched in Soluble Collagen for wrinkle care, this new version of mask only features at FACIAL-MASK this one is amazing!

3. MEDIHEAL -2 Step Wrinkle Minus Smart Tox Mask - Enriched with Peptide which also works great as a wrinkle eraser.

4. Dr. Jart - Wrinkless Solution - It's enriched Collagen and special Bio-peptide restores the appearance of healthy skin structure by supporting natural collagen.

5. LA FAON - This Taiwanese beauty is enriched with special patented apple stem cell technology to restructure the outer skin cell easing the wrinkle lines.

6. Secret Key - Sarting Treatment Essential Mask is enriched with Vitamin B and K with Galactomyces ferment Filtrate targets strong against wrinkle lines. If you like  SK II mask, you will love this one for sure. Just with 1 application, you will feel young already.

7. Petitfee-24K Gold  Hydrogel Mask is rich in 5 rare ingredients which are known to rejuvenate skin. Gold, bird's nest, rose water, natural collagen, Korean gingeng. 

How to Use :

1. After cleansing and toning your skin, open the pouch and gently unfold Secret Key Starting Treatment Essential Mask.

2. Contour the mask to your face and leave it for 15 – 20 minutes or until the sheet is dry.

3. Remove the mask from your face and discard. Tap any remaining essence into your face to aid absorption.

Do this every other day for 2 weeks.