SNP Good Bye Blackhead Clear Mask Kit

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The best of the best blackhead remover is finally here! SNP Good Bye Blackhead Clear Mask Kit is a safe non abressive like the regular peel off masks. It gently removes the blackheads and whiteheads and best of all, it doesn't harm you skin layer at all! There is no pulling of blackhead or your skin, but just melts the blackheads!

The kit comes with 2 types of nose masks, 1st one is to melt the blackheads and 2nd one is to close the opened pore after taking the blackheads out! Go ahead and get one today. You will be so amazed with the results!

STEP1. Black head removal
This pads consist of natural vitamin extract that melts or pushes out of those ugly black-heads 
and excessive sebum. 
STEP2. Shrink pores
The pore tightening mask formulated with natural ingredients that
shrink pores and balance sebum by giving a tension 
on the wide and droopy pores.

Contents : 3 of step1 masks, 3 of step2 masks, and tools and cotton tips.

How to use 
STEP1. Blackhead Clear Melting Pad
1. After washing, remove water on your face and attach 
the wet Step1 black-head melting pad for 15-20 minutes. 
Take off the pad before the pad becomes too dry. 

2. As the blackheads and sebum come out to the surface of skin, 
get rid of them using squeezer tool and cotton tip that comes with the kit.





3. STEP2. Pore Tightening Mask
Attach pore tightening mask of step2 after removing