Best CASMARA Mask Special 10 pcs Set ( With New Stem Cell Mask )

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The all time amazing Deal. CASMARA Mask Best Multi Set Deal!
This Set comes with 8 of mixed multi-pack8 of professional Spa exclusive CASMARA masks.
With this multi Set, you will get the most popular CE ferulic Vtiamin Serum too!

Also, this set purchase qualifies for our current gift PROMOTION, so you will also get
1 FACIAL-MASK headband, and 1 anti-aging sheet mask! ( See our current promotion )
These natural peel off masks are made in Spain with their over 40 years of natural peel off mask know hows.
This world famous spa exclusive masks are used by some of the exclusive upscale spas. 
To get 1 time spa treatment with CASMARA products costs well over $200 at many med spas.
You can do it yourself at home with this complete set!

This multi pack includes 2 Reaffirming masks and 1 Cinnamon mask ( Stem Cell mask )

Contents : 1 box of multi set 8pcs ( colors can vary)+ 1 bottle of BioPure+MED CE ferulic Acid serum  + 1 headband + 1 sheet mask + 1 spatula

Main Ingredients :

Sea Algae,Seaweed extract, Aloe Vera, Green Tea, Lavender, Gold,   ( Do not use this mask if you are allergic to sea food )

 How To Use : 

1. After cleaning your face apply ampoule ( preferably Casmara ampoule ) to all over face.
2. In the bowl, place powder and gel, mix well to make it a paste for 30 seconds. 
3. Apply directly onto your face within 3 minutes trying to even out as much as possible. ( It comes out very easily from a surface  when it dries, so don't worry if you drop the paste anywhere.)
4. Peel it off from younyr face after about 20minutes later. It should come off very easily and you do not have to rinse your face  after.  
5. Follow with your regular skincare regime.