Casmara Mask Nova 2045 (1 unit set)

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Casmara Nova Mask 2045 : This face mask restores the skin’s hydration balance, due to the moisturizing properties of the algae extracts in its composition. Provides a refreshing, moisturizing and decongestant effect.

The carbohydrates of these algae are able to solidify and form a plastic film that produces a certain pressure on the application area, favouring the penetration of the previously applied active principles, as well as the mask itself. Indicated for all skin types, especially in case of dehydrated skin. Made with natural ingredients mostly with SEAWEED GLUCOSE.

This mask comes as 1 set ( 1 power pack  .88 oz & 1 gel pack 3.38 oz )

How To Use

 1. After cleaning your face apply ampoule ( preferably Casmara ampoule ) to all over face.

 2. In the bowl, place powder and gel, mix well to make it a paste for 30 seconds. 

 3. Apply directly onto your face within 3 minutes trying to even out as much as possible. ( It comes out very easily from any surface  when it dries, so don't worry if    you drop the paste anywhere.)

 4. Peel it off from your face after about 20minutes later. It should come off very easily and you do not have to rinse your face  after. 

 5. Follow with your regular skincare regime.