Casmara Mask Starter Kit : Anti Aging Mask Package

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Casmara Mask Starter Kits : Anti Aging Mask Package Deal. A great starter kit package with 1 Gold Mask 2080 ( Rejuvenating ) Set and 1 Goji 2070( Anti Oxidant ) Set + 1 Casmara Hidrix Ampoule ( good for 4 X of use ) and 1 Spatula to mix the mask + 1 Casmara Luxury Gold Moisturizer Sample. You will have everything you need to experience the world famous Casmara Algae Peel Off Mask.

Your skin will instantly cool down and firm and rejuvenated. You don't wash your face after peeling off this mask. This becomes rubber as it dries, and it totally comes off easy and super clean. You will be very surprised with joy! A great package deal price and this has it all! ( Comes with an instruction )

 How To Use :

1. After cleaning your face apply ampoule ( preferably Casmara ampoule ) to all over face. 

2. In the bowl, place powder and gel, mix well to make it a paste for 30 seconds.

3. Apply directly onto your face within 3 minutes trying to even out as much as possible.

   ( It comes out very easily from any surface when it dries, so don't worry if you drop the paste anywhere.)

4. Peel it off from your face after about 20minutes later. It should come off very easily and you do not have to rinse your face after.

 5. Follow with your regular skincare regime.