Ciracle Deep Clear Massage Cream

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Ciracle Deep Clear Massage Cream is a massage cream that also works as a deep cleansing cream and nourishes your skin as you massage your face. This deep cleansing cream also gives life back to tired and lifeless skin. The natural plant extracts in this cleansing cream thoroughly cleanse your skin without any harsh chemical ingredients.

Benefits :

  • The cleansing is so effective that it can remove anything from BB creams to the eye make-up.
  • It also cleanse out the pores as you massage your face in circular motion, it melts the impurities inside of pores.
  • It restores moisture that was lost during the day.
  • Turns your face skin resilient and firm as you massage your skin everyday with this cream to clean your face.

Size : 225 ml 

Key Ingredients : Green Tea, Matricaria, and other plants.

How to Use :

1) Spread a generous amount all over your face.

2) Massage your entire face from the bottom up and following the grain of your skin.

3) Using a facial tissue, gently wipe excess cream off your face. Rinse cream off using a facial foam cleanser.

4) After using the deep cleansing cream, don't forget to apply toner, lotion, and other skincare products that can add nourishment back to your clean skin.