Dr. Jart+ Calm Your Sensitive Skin Mask

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Dr.Jart+ Calm Your Sensitive Skin soothes replenish moisture to the most sensitive skins and all other skin types. 

Benefits :

Soothing and relaxing skin surface. Cleans and gently removes impurities with non-drying clay and a complex of essential oils which helps soothe surface irritation & brighten the complexion. The formula helps to soften, soothe skin and keep your skin hydrated.. Skin elasticity will be improved after use. All Skin Type. 

Key Ingredients :

Phytoncide, Portulaca, Oleracea Extract, Algae Extract, Houttuynia Cordata Extract

Size : 1.1oz X 1pc

How to Use :

1. Use after cleansing. Remove the mask from the package.

2. Apply the mask, aligning it evenly on the face.

3. Use your fingertips to gently press down on the mask to eliminate air bubbles and for better absorption.

4. Wait 10-15 minutes, and then remove the mask. Follow with your skincare routine.