Dr. Jart+ Rejuvenating Silver Plus Label BB Cream

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If you like Dr. Jart Dis A Pore Beauty Balm, you will love this Dr. Jart+ Rejuvenating Silver Plus Label BB cream. This Silver Plus label is a step up from regular Silver Label BB Cream from Dr. Jart and it is only being sold at the major department stores in Korea. This will do everything what the Dis A Pore does for your skin plus rejuvenation, and so gentle enough for the very sensitive skin. It's perfectly fitting smoothing powder covers fine blemishes, it makes skin look young, clear and naturally beautiful for long time. This Dr. Jart + BB cream is great for all skin types including those with very sensitive skin because it does not contain any harmful ingredients to skin. Not only this BB cream makes your skin looking young and naturally vibrant looking without having a heavy make up on, these versatile 5 in 1 formula is designed to do it all of the followings:

1. Treat with high levels of active skin care ingredients

2. Moisturize and smooth dehydrated skin

3. Prime and perfect skin’s surface

4. Camouflage and color correct the skintone; and protect skin from the sun with SPF

5. They can be used as a last step for their skin care benefits or used on their own as an instant beautifier.

6. This BB cream helps rejuvenate your skin while it naturally cover your skin.

Clinically Tested, Dermatologist Tested, Cruelty Free, Much lesser of darkening, Super light Weight Smoothing Technology

Made without : Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates

****One color fits all. 

Size : 40ml