HERA Sun Mate Leports SPF 50++++

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The New reinvented moisturizing HERA Sun Mate Leports SPF 50 is Slight-textured, refreshing and moisturizing water resistant sun cream for leisure and sports. ( HERA is owned and operated by AMORE PACIFIC )

Benefits :

  • 2.5 times more powerful protection against UVA, a cause of skin aging.
  • Upgraded into a light-textured sun cream that moisturizes the skin without leaving a sticky feeling.
  • The waterproof effect is enhanced with thin, yet powerful UV protection layer.

UV Advanced Shield Technology

AMORE PACIFIC's special sun-care technology delivers enhanced protection against UVA, the main cause of photo-aging. UV Advanced Shield Technology blocks UVA to protect the skin.

This smart UV protection technology allows capsules containing β-Carotene effective at anti-aging, tocopherol and sunflower oil, to burst when they are exposed to UV rays to form a protective layer on the skin and suppress photo-aging.

Size : 70ml

Key Ingredients :

Sunflower oil

Oil extracted from sunflower, which is capable of fighting against harmful UV rays while absorbing the energy from the sun, protects the skin.


It is a natural ingredient contained in green yellow vegetables such as carrots. As a precursor of vitamin A, it is decomposed into bimolecular vitamin A (=retinol), which is an important anti-aging ingredient that decreases photo-sensitivity while promoting collagen synthesis.

Vitamin E (=tocopherol)

It is a natural anti-oxidant in the skin, which shows the largest drop in quantity when exposed to internal/external harmful factors, including UV rays.

Abcell 2.0

It is an innovative skin cell-mimicking ingredient developed through six years of collaborative research project between AMOREPACIFIC R&D Center and Professor David Weitz at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS). HERA marked a milestone in the history of advanced bio-cosmetic field with the all new Abcell 2.0 that supersedes the existing Abcell by embodying the key function of the cell – the perfect bio structure. This Abcell 2.0 makes your skin look vital and glow with health as though you're born with it.

How to apply

  • Take an adequate amount and apply all across the face along skin complexion at the last step of your basic skincare routine.
  • Dab on parts commonly exposed to the sun, such as the forehead, nose and cheeks.
  • Caution is advised to avoid the cream going into your eyes. Clean the mouth of the tube and close it tight after using it. Store at room temperature.