KF94 Mask : Respirators and Surgical Masks : Medical Face Mask (10 pcs )

  • Korean Government Certified Premium True KF94 Medical Face Mask Made in Korea only.
  • (Remember! Authentic KF94 is never made in China. If anyone sells it so cheap, then most likely its not KF94. Only KF94 is certified for virus protection medical use.)
  • Be aware of many counterfeit masks that claim to be KF94 mask, and not made in Korea.
  • KF94 are not easy to bring from Korea, you should check for its authenticity.(It must have the manufacturer's/ 제조업자 Korea address on the back of its packaging.)

Not all the KF94 masks are the same.This KF94 is not only made in Korea, but even the mask is made with 100% Korean raw materials. You can breath in ease with confidence.

IMPORTANT: KF94 has quadruple(4X) protection NOT Triple (3X), and ALWAYS packed each individually.

The certified KF94 has the Korean FDA Certification seal on the mask.(Check for the round seal clearly printed on the each packets.)

 Elastic straps and adjustable nose clip for different face shapes and sizes.

  • Made of high quality material, safe, soft and comfortable.
  • Can protects you from the harmful airborne particulates, pollution and etc.
  • Suitable for: home use, industrial use, medical use, first aid, and outdoor activities, and other daily use
  • Note: Comes individually packaged for your safety. (Comes in 10 individually packaged masks)
  • Free 3 Days Shipping within the Continent of USA (Hawaii and other islands can take longer.)