Korean Skin Care Routine



Are you familiar with the word " Skincare Routine"?‚Äč Many of the Americans who live in United States probably have never even heard this term. This term has been spread out to some Americans by people who love to use Korean Skin Care Products for their daily skincare at home.

Skincare Routine is a daily must-do routine for most women in Korea. Yes! Most Korean women have beautiful skin and it didn't just come easy for them. They never forget to take off makeups at night and give their skin some good rest and restorative skin food....to relieve the skin of stress from the environment and from the covering of pores from heavy makeup. They would rather spend money on good skin care products than other necessities.

Every morning and night, they go through the process of skincare steps from as few as 3 steps to many as 10 steps. Of course most Korean women engage in a simpler 4 step routine in the morning and a more in comprehensive routine at night time. Besides all the steps they take for their skin, they also put on a sheet mask every other night to give their skin the nutrition it craves.

Sheet masks have been made popular the world over by Korean women....because of it's affordability, ease of use and the powerful result they get from just a cotton mask that is soaked in essence or serum. There are many, many brands and types of sheet masks out there, but one thing you should remember is that not all sheet masks are the same. Let's be honest. You'll get what you pay for. There are some disreputable brands who sells them really cheap, but you should stay away from those that are too cheap.

They claim them to be beauty care sheet masks but those are nothing more than a few drops of essence mixed in water on the almost paper like mask sheets. Of course even those, you would feel as if they are doing something for your skin when you touch your skin as soon as take a sheet mask off of your skin after 20 minutes or so. Seriously.... even if you soak any plain sheet mask in thicken water and put it on your skin, you will feel the same way. 

My point is that you should not fool yourself with cheap, dsireputable brands. You want something that actually works and gives you satisfying results, not just the cool feeling after having it off from your skin. Always go with reliable brands...not some cheap stuff on the market that go for as low as 20 for $10 or so. They will do more harm than good to your skin.

Let me tell you good Korean skin care routines for ages in 20's and 30's ( including skin care routine for oily skin and acne skin). Most Korean women (mid 20's to early 30's) do this skincare routine order everyday.

Morning : 4 Steps

1. Wash your face with foam cleanser or gel cleanser if your skin is more on the dry skin type.

2. Apply Skin toner or Essence ( Essence is lighter fluid type of serum. I would recommend essence for dry skin, and skin toner for oily skin )

3. Apply eye cream.

4. Apply light lotion.


Night : 10 Steps (can be shorten to 7 steps daily and 10 steps twice a week only)

1. Take your makeup off with cleansing oil or cream. There are some good cleansing water for oily skin types such as The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Water They are great for oily skins.

2. You can also use eye makeup remover for your eyes but most of the cleansers take off eye makeup as well suchas Ciracle Deep Clear Massage Cream " 

3. Use the foam cleanser to take all the grease off of your face completely like this one. BENTON Honest Cleansing Foam

4. Exfoliate your skin with exfoliating gel or clay mask. They take off extra debris off of your skin to make your pore breathe. I would recommend you SKINFOOD Black Sugar Honey Mask Wash Off for any skin types.

5. Now, you can skip this one and do it only once or twice a week is the peeling gel. Milkydress Oasis Peeling Gel this will renew your skin once again. Make sure you put some good sunscreen the next day.

6. Toner time! They control the sebum from your pores and some toners act as a pore minimizer. BENTON Snail Bee High Content Skin Toner This one is good for all skin types as well as very sensitive skins.

7. Serum would be very good to apply now. La FAON Instant lifting Apple Stem Cell Serum This one has special patent Triple Apple Stem Cell Technology. All skin type.

8. Eye Cream or any eye treatments are recommended at this step. GOODAL Moisture Barrier Eye Cream This one is not only so good, but very affordable for an eye cream. GOODAL Rocks!

9. Apply emulsion onto your skin. Zymogen Centella Ferment Cream for sensitive acne skin, 

SKINFOOD Peach Sake Emulsion for oily skin,

ETUDE HOUSE Moistfull Collagen Emulsion  for normal to dry, and

Nature Republic AQUA Super Aqua Max Dry Skin Cream for dry skin type.

10. Now...the final step would be sleeping mask, but if you would want to use a sheet mask AHC Hydra Soother Mask instead, you should do it right after step 6.

For overnight sleep mask, I would recommend COSRX Utimate Moisturizing Honey Overnight Mask  if you have normal to dry skin. If you have oily or acne-prone, sensitive skin, I would recommend a sheet mask instead.

Remember...You don't have to do all 10 steps every night. You can eliminate Steps like 4, 5 and 10 which you can just do twice a week. 

Thanks for reading!


Kate K.

Curator for FACIAL-MASK