La FAON Maximum Hydration Infusing Mask with 3 Layers (5pcs)

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La FAON Maximum Hydration Infusing Sheet Mask soothes skin, tightens the pores, softens fine lines, and nourishes and calms tired skin. That's because it contains an incredible proprietary natural serum, containing hyaluronic acid, algae extract, chamomile, Tripeptide-5, aloe vera extract, cucumber. This mask is made with the micro trans fiber, which is the newest 3 layers mask to give your skin the maximum hydration by adheres to your skin like it's your own. With the new anti-aging and anti wrinkle formula, instantly relieves tightness of the feathery lines caused by dehydration and tightens loose pores. Skin feels refined, polished and strengthened.    

FEEL THE DIFFERENCE WITH YOUNGER, BRIGHTER SKIN. La FAON's incredible sheet mask aids in maintaining skin elasticity, while minimizing pores, and promoting collagen synthesis.                

TREAT YOURSELF TO A SPA-LIKE EXPERIENCE. La FAON's incredible mask was created with your toughest days in mind. Unlike the other leading brands, La FAON's unique serum doesn't just support youthful skin, it was clinically designed to provide a calm and relief. This three-layer mask offers you the newest facial treatment experience than ever. With the super lightweight and thin cloth, it fits perfectly on your face without any discomfort or airtight feeling. This almost transparent cloth contains rich serum in gel type ( not the messy liquid type ) that can bring back the skin’s natural glow in just 15 minutes.

So sure, you'll certainly experience brighter, younger-looking skin over time, but you'll also enjoy a truly spa-like experience in the process.      

Key Ingredients :       

  •  Algae Extract--Improve moisture level, whitening
  •  Niacinamide--lighten spots, brighten skin tone
  •  Mandelic Acid--Anti-wrinkle, anti-aging
  •  Gigawhite--Reduce dehydration, whitening, moisture 
  • 3-O-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid--Even complexion, white and glow

Size : 28ml x 5pcs in the box   ( Originated from Taiwan )

How To Use :

1. After cleanse, apply serum to your face.
2. Get a 1 sheet mask, taking the both protective layers off. and wrap your entire face for 15 minutes and take it off.
3. Without washing off, apply the usual moisturizer of your choice.