GOURMET+skin Organic Castor Oil for Eyelashes

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GOURMET+skin brand Eyelash Growth Enhancer with 100% Pure Organic Cold Pressed, HEXANE Free Premium Castor Oil for Fuller, Lavish Eyelash Growth.

  • Pure Indian Organic Castor oil that is especially designed for eyelash strengthening and its natural growth. You will see healthier, fuller and longer lashes without the side effects you get from some of the chemically treated serums.
  • This is a HEXANE Free, which means its made without Neuro Toxic Petrochemical Solvent listed as a hazardous air pollutant with the EPA. It is only the 100% pure organic castor oil that is ultimately safe for your skin.
  • NO color nor fragrance added, since it is designed for the most delicate area of your face. So please understand that it might not have your most favorite smell.

Size : 1 bottle 1 oz

How to Use :

How to Use : Use the thin brush to apply to the root area of lashes, and use the curved brush to brush out the lashes before going to bed at night.