Secret key Snow White Cream ( Brightening CC Cream )

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Secretkey Snow White Cream ( Brightening Formula )

Benefits :

Niacinamide, whitening functinal base ingredient, keeps your skin soft brightens your skin tone.

Adds flexibility to the skin, and helps tighten pores and smooth skin.                        

Reduce dark spots and dull skin with regular and continuous usage.    

All-in-one base cream, functions as CC cream, Makeup base, and moisturizer altogether. 

Size : 1.7oz

How to use :
 1. Take appropriate amount on the back of your hand.
 2. Apply it thotoughly on cleaned face and gently pat your face.
 3. Wash it off before going to sleep at night time. ( After all, it is a CC cream so wash it off as you do with other make up every night! )