Face Mask Box

Sign up for a face Sheet Mask Box at FACIAL-MASK,
where you get great facial masks delivered monthly to your doorstep. 

"A face mask subscription box is the best thing you can do for your skin every month."

The Benefits you get from FACIAL-MASK:

1.Our sheet mask subscription box service gives you an access to carefully curated top quality facial masks, which are mainly the Korean sheet masks.

2.Each deliveries will be customized and curated according to what your skin need. (It maybe a something new to you that you put on a mask for yourself rather than going to the beauty spa and have it done there. But it is very common in Korea, where ladies put the sheet masks or other kinds of masks almost everyday. )

3. Our company is located in US, so you will be receiving better quality masks for the money you pay, since we do not have to bare high international shipping fees.

Not only you get to try the top quality sheet masks, but you can also experience the very upscale algae peel-off mask, CASMARA if you choose a DELUXE Box. ( The spas usually charge about $40 for putting 1 packet of CASMARA mask on your face! )

4.It is a FREE SHIPPING service, so all you will be charged is whatever the monthly box service you chose to get for your skin!


OOLALA box : 5 Carefully curated and mixed premium masks and regular sheet masks.


 Deluxe box : 6 Carefully curated facial masks includes 1 set of CASMARA mask with
1 each of CASMARA serum & lotion samples.


Sign up is too easy! just click on the mask subscription type  you want,
and just add it to your cart! (Only works with credit card payment)

Remember! You can cancel it at anytime!

 ****Click on the OOLALA, or DELUXE box below for details.