SKIN79 Super+ Beblesh Balm Anti-Wrinkle SPF30

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This new silky fitting anti wrinkle formula BB cream adheres to your skin with super thin layer to create a natural skin tone as well as giving a nutrition to your skin.

Covers noticeable flaws and make your skin tone completely even looking as it prevents from getting wrinkles on the skin.

Maximizes long lasting power to remain silky and bright skin tone without oil shining look for very long time.

Although this all skin type BB cream matches most of skin colors, it is better for light skins for it is a very light colored BB cream.



Key Ingredients : Syn-Coll ( new patent) Aquaxyl ( new patent ), ivy, lily, hair root extract, adenosine, arbutin, light fragrance..etc


Size : 40ml


How To Use :

Apply a pea size amount to face after skincare daily skincare routine.